reflections on life
This site is dedicated to purposeful philosophy. Its aim is to encourage deeper reflection on life in general such that life itself may become more fulfilling.

While you are here please introduce yourself by commenting on the following thought experiment. Think of it as a way of saying 'hi' to the thephilosopher community!

'Imagine that 'sight' is a limited resource. It is made available to each of us for just one year between our twenty-first and twenty-second birthdays. All of our existence up to the age of twenty-one is spent in (what sighted people imagine as) darkness and we will return to that same darkness forever on reaching the age of twenty-two. On returning to the darkness we will remember nothing of what we have seen. Importantly, all these facts are known to us.'

Consider what you would want to see before it was too late? How would you look at the world knowing that this was your only chance to see it? Does it really matter?

'Now think about the finite amount of time that you really do have for living, because life itself is the only amount of time that we do get, not just for seeing, but for all experience. And a life span of perhaps eighty years (which itself is by no means guaranteed) within an eternity is a very short space of time indeed.'

What should you think about? What questions do you want to ask? Or, perhaps you shouldn't be asking questions at all? Are all questions a waste of time?

When we die it is because our minds, not our bodies. have gone, and so, if thought is what we actually are during life, the real question is how are you going to present your 'self'?

In what way can you better formulate your existence?

Consider these questions either individually or as a group of questions that are actually about philosophical questions in general. What should we think about and why?

Leave a quick comment below or link to this thread on the blog page for more detailed and long-lasting responses.

You can also use the contact form to make suggestions about, or to give feedback on, the development of this site.

This site is intended to grow with your thoughts :)

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