Twitter and Life (and how best to profit from both)!

Life, the Universe, and Twitter, all share an identical property. They are all phenomena which engage with you while you remain firmly seated at the very centre of their massive, seemingly pre-Copernican, realms. This is the first of a series of blogs that I hope will somehow help you to profit from that placement; both in life and on Twitter! And yes (!) the profit could even extend to a very legitimate ‘GAIN IN TWITTER FOLLOWERS’. (
Why do I feel dirty?)

Thinking About Thought

From the home page:

'Imagine that 'sight' is a limited resource. It is made available to each of us for just one year between our twenty-first and twenty-second birthdays. All of our existence up to the age of twenty-one is spent in (what sighted people imagine as) darkness and we will return to that same darkness forever on reaching the age of twenty-two. On returning to the darkness we will remember nothing of what we have seen. Importantly, all these facts are known to us.'